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Real Estate Anti-Fraud Advisory Coalition (REAAC) is a public information campaign that serves to provide real estate professionals and the general public information about real estate fraud and how to prevent it. Established in 2014, the coalition has been successful in identifying many fraud schemes and continues to work closely with law enforcement and city and county staff.

About RE Fraud

About Real Estate Fraud

Real estate fraud is a category of California criminal fraud. There are various types of real estate fraud. Many can be prosecuted under California laws. Other types may be prosecuted under specific statutes. Types of real estate fraud include:

  • Foreclosure Rescue

  • Mortgage Elimination

  • Home Improvement Fraud

  • Equity Skimming

  • Illegal Flipping

  • Equity Fraud

  • Fraudulent Loan Origination

  • Land Fraud

  • Rental Fraud

  • Straw-Man Scheme

  • Counseling Agencies

  • Predatory Lending

  • Aggressive Sales

  • Wire Fraud

Report Fraud

Real estate fraud can happen to anyone. If you believe you are a victim of real estate fraud, do not hesitate to contact your local police department or the Kern County Sheriff. You may also file and submit a complaint at the Kern County District Attorney’s Office. To view and download the form, click here.

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